At Sports Solutions, we aim to treat and fully rehabilitate our patients/ athletes post-injury, post-operatively, to prevent further injury and to return the athlete to sport in the shortest possible time. Fret not if you are not an athlete, we can treat your pain just as well since we treat what is causing your pain rather than just treating your symptoms.

Unlike most other physiotherapy practices, our first appointment lasts for an hour so we can fully investigate the cause of your problem. At no time will we let an assistant or aide attend to you nor will we leave you on a machine. You will have our undivided attention for that whole time.

During the first session, a careful and detailed history is taken to find the location, nature, behaviour and onset of your symptoms. Often a thorough posture, walking/ running gait and biomechanical assessment will be done as well. This is followed by a complete physical examination where we establish the underlying causes. After evaluating all the factors contributing to your problem, we will establish a specific treatment plan for you. 

Our physiotherapists have a wide range of proven, documented and evidenced-based approaches to treat you. For our post surgical, post injury patients, our goals of treatment and rehabilitation are to protect your injured tissues and control the early inflammatory stage while allowing healing to occur. Individual programs will be planned and implemented for each patient. We will then rehabilitate your proprioception, flexibility, muscle strength and imbalances before introducing sport-specific activities to ensure you can return to your sport safely. 

Through our experience, if proper rehabilitation is not undertaken, you risk returning to sport too quickly with residual instability, insufficient proprioceptive ability, sport-specific muscle weakness and imbalances. We will progress you carefully through each phase. Our criteria for progression is based on your functional ability, not time. Sport-specific testing is essential when progressing from one stage of rehabilitation to full return to sport. Prevention is better than cure and our physiotherapists will advise you on injury recurrence prevention.

For our patients who do not play sports, rest assured, we will exercise the same care and diligence while we treat your problem or pain to help you get better. We believe that prompt assessment and diagnosis is critical in treating you successfully and quickly, especially if your injury is recent or if you have a recurring condition. To ensure that you receive the best care, we work closely with specialist doctors, general practitioners, sports physicians, podiatrists, sports nutritionists, sports psychologists to ensure that the "whole person" is treated and not just the injured part.

Our results in helping our patients reach their goals is what attracts people from all walks of life to come see us.


Our team at Sports Solutions take pride in helping to find and implement the best possible solutions to our patient's pain, sporting injuries and problems. Our goal is to deliver the best possible care and individual attention to each of our patients. Regardless of whether you are a injured elite athlete or wanting to go back to your activities of daily living without pain, our team of physiotherapists and sports massage therapists will do their utmost to help you. Our team have been patients themselves too and have undergone ACL reconstructions, articular cartilage operations among many other injuries, so we know how it feels to be a patient and will be able to understand and help you. Don't worry, we will figure your problem out together.